The piano lessons are individually tailored to the age, playing ability and interests of my students. Aspects of harmony and the theory of forms are also included to deepen the understanding and experience of music.
For beginners, I start with the development and consolidation of the normal starting position of the hand. Gradually, I expand the students’ piano-playing by changing positions, stretching the hand and further developing the use of the thumb. I attach great importance to musical quality, as I want to support my students in developing a sophisticated taste. In addition to a

piano method

appropriate to their age, I very quickly work with my students on further pieces, for example by Bartók, Kabalewski and Poser.

advanced piano lessons,

my students experience the pianistic world in its great variety from Bach to Beethoven to Bartók. My personal preferences are Bach, Schumann and Debussy. Music from the fields of jazz and pop is also included.
As different as the individual goals of my students are, so the understanding, and thus the experience of music, are central to me.